About Us

About Us


If you’re wondering why we have so much fun serving you our food it’s because we don’t know any better. We opened our first location in the heart of New Orleans in 2002 on Mardi Gras day on the parade route. It’s been a party ever since!! We’ve taken one of the oldest forms of cooking known to man and added our local flair and spices to create what people now refer to as “New Orleans Style BBQ”. When you walk into a VooDoo BBQ you should expect a fun, laid back atmosphere with great food, drinks, music and to be taken care of like a guest in our home.

So what makes us different than so many other BBQ joints? For one you won’t get any meats drowned in BBQ sauce. Our meats are dry rubbed with amazing local spices and slow smoked to perfection so no sauce is necessary. But if you want to add a little kick you can dip or drown your meats with one of our 3 unique BBQ sauces – You Decide. We put just as much time and attention to make sure our sides are not just window dressing. You can expect some of your traditional favorites and several signature side items you will love like our Corn Pudding and Gris Gris Greens. We also serve great burgers and for those trying to stay on the healthy side delicious salads, lean BBQ meats and items from the grill. We are glad to welcome you to VooDoo BBQ and hope you enjoy your experience as much as we enjoy having you as our guest!


Why the name VooDoo BBQ?
We were born out of the love of the great city of New Orleans, Louisiana. We chose the name "VooDoo BBQ" because it's easily remembered, hard to forget, and is somewhat of a novelty for visitors and locals alike. There is nothing more & nothing less to the name.

What is true/real Barbecue?
Pink MeatBBQ is the act of cooking meat very slowly at a low temperature. Our fireboxes burn a mixture of Pecan and Oak wood that provide the "smoke" flavor to our meats. We cook some cuts of meat for up to 18 hours. By doing this, we achieve the most tender, flavorful meat possible. VooDoo BBQ & Grill is committed to a true competition style barbecue, with our specialty lovable sauces served on the side.

Why is the meat so pink?
The pink color you see is the "smoke ring". This is an indication of true slow smoked barbecue. It is what gives our meats their distinct flavors. Even with a pink ring, our meats are fully cooked, always.

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